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Queen Extreme

About the Project

Beauty Queen Extreme is a Reality TV competition show that aims to find the ultimate Beauty Queen. 12 reigning Beauty Queens will be put through the most extreme competition of their lives to see if they have what it takes to be a truly inspirational role model. They will no longer be assessed on their beauty, as that’s already been proved, but instead they will be judged on their intelligence, independence, humility, strength of will, character, bravery and much more.

In our quest to find the ultimate Beauty Queen, we will be looking for girls with all the virtues that we believe a Role Model should possess - including strength, intelligence, problem solving, leadership, diplomacy, bravery, adaptability, teamwork and more.

There will be tests that some girls excel in and some areas where they might fall short, but we’re looking for a well-rounded Beauty Queen who can handle anything and everything the judges throw at them. It’s called Beauty Queen Extreme, it was never going to be easy, was it?

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